Tate Ornamental, Harold Tate
Harold Tate, Chairman and CEO
Born and raised in White House, Tennessee, Harold started Tate Fabricating Company, Inc. in 1965 with a small loan from his Grandmother. In 1988, Harold started Tate Ornamental as a division of Tate Fabricating. In 1993, he sold his share of Tate Fabricating and focused on the ornamental business.

"We started out doing what we could, like wrought iron and staircase work, and then we moved onto bigger projects like structural steel," he says. "People started trusting us with bigger jobs, and I am amazed with how blessed our business has been." Now a founder of a company with multi-million dollar projects, Harold makes a point to thank his town and its people for helping him along the way saying, "If it wasn't for their help, I might have had to quit the business."

Tate Ornamental, Joey Tate
Joey Tate, President
Starting at his father's factory when he was just 12, Joey knows his business from the ground up. At a young age he was put to work learning the basics of construction and design. Now as president of the company, he puts his experience and expertise into practice. "I take great pride in my father's name. His number one thing is quality and taking care of the customer, and I am trying hard to extend that," he says. "The work we do is the icing on the cake, it's what makes a job beautiful." In 1988, Joey graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in business management. Shortly afterward he went to work at Tate once again, starting the ornamental metal division with Harold and Charlie James, a partner and long-time friend. Currently, Joey supervises general managers, directs large-scale projects and oversees daily operations. Born and raised in White House, Tennessee, Joey is married and has three children.

Tate Ornamental, Charlie James
Charlie James, Vice President
Charlie has been working for the company since 1984. Charlie began his career in shipping and receiving and moved his way up to sales and is now Vice President and co-owner of Tate Ornamental. Charlie is a key player on numerous projects from Boston to Miami, he came to work for Tate while attending college at Western Kentucky University. Charlie is responsible for estimating and selling all the metal work for Tate's projects.

Tate Ornamental, Tony Carter
Tony Carter, General Manager (Ornamental Division)
Working for Tate Ornamental since 1983, Tony has spent most of his lengthy career moving up the company ladder. Starting in areas such as painting and welding, he is now the general manager of the ornamental division. "I credit my experience from working at Tate Ornamental as I have learned so much about the ornamental business," says Carter. "Working for Tate allows me a great opportunity to be a part of a team that truly creates something special. My goal is to be better tomorrow then we are today." Tony takes pride in the fact that Tate creates such visually stunning and award-winning projects, and he is known for his fierce attention to detail, his knack for anticipating the future, and his extensive knowledge about each and every job in the company. Currently residing in Hendersonville, Tony is married and has two children.

Tate Ornamental, John Mullen
John Mullen, General Manager (Millwork and Stone Division)
As general manager for Tate's millwork and stone division, John oversees the operations of both the millwork and stone division. Working on and off for the company since 1988, he started his career in Tate's architectural metalwork division before leaving for a period to pursue a career in the furniture and bedding industry. Due to his expertise and exceptional people skills, John was asked to return to Tate as a manager in 2008. "It's just a great environment. I would say the people we put together on our team are the best in their fields — they make my job easy," says Mullen. "The quality and workmanship here is second to none." He and his team are in the process of being certified by the AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute), an intense procedure that would solidify their status as experts in their field. John lives in White House with his wife and has three daughters.